Toy Story Wall Stickers for Kid’s Bedroom Décor

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your child could have his bedroom decorated with his favorite cartoon story or character? Boys generally prefer action movies or cartoons that have farm activities in them. The most sought out bedroom decor amongst the kids is the Toy Story wall stickers. Below are some tips on how you can make use of these stickers to the best advantage.

Many of the parents prefer wall decals compared to the posters or photo frames since these decals can be placed on top of furniture, ceilings and even on toy boxes. These stickers also act as a companion to your kids, when they feel scared or lonely. With the advent of the internet, you can browse through a number of website and choose from a whole variety of wall stickers.

Thinking about the damage to the furniture or walls? It is very typical of parents to be faced with such dilemma, but you do not have to worry since these wall stickers are manufactured from vinyl and are tough and resilient. They easily come off walls and can be placed anywhere in the room without the least effort. Kids love the rich and vibrant colors that bring these characters to life in the bedroom.

Now the preferences of the kids’ keep changing on a daily basis. One moment they are satisfied with these wall stickers placed above their beds, next they may want it placed on top of their toy box. The biggest advantage of these toy story wall decals is that you do not have to remove these stickers with the help of hammers or scissors. All you have to do is just peel them off and place them elsewhere.

These toy story wall graphics can also be used for birthday party themes, events or occasions organized for kids. These Toy Story wall stickers make fantastic accessories for banquet halls, restaurants and even the back yard where the events are held. They not only look real, but make the children feel part of their imaginative world shared with their favorite cartoon character.

You are provided with a lot of options to choose from when it comes to these wall stickers. You can choose to combine Woody with other characters like Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Hamm, Mr. Potato head and many more. In addition to this, you can even go in for the whole Toy Story theme, like a collage. Some of the companies also manufacture glow in the wall stickers for youngsters, so that sleep peacefully without any fear.

Sometimes, it so happens that due to financial reasons, many kids have to share the same room with their siblings. Since Toy Story is loved by boys, girls may not like this theme for their rooms. An easy solution for this would be to have one side of the walls decorated with these Toy story stickers, while for your girl’s side you can make use of themes that she adores.

Your hard work will really pay off when you see the smile and happiness on your child’s face. These Toy Story wall stickers are easily to pack and take along at the time of shifting or tours. A Toy Story themed bedroom will definitely make you kids famous amongst their friends group.

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