Removable Wall Decals - Bedroom Stickers for Kids, Home Decorating and Sports Fans

Brighten any any child's bedroom, support your favourite sporting team, or decorate your house with modern removable, vinyl wall decals.

Here you can find the huge range of wall stickers, decals, graphics, clings and appliques of all of your favorite sports stars and characters, in LIFE SIZE precision cut outs.

Removable wall decals are an easy and inexpensive way to change the decor of any room quickly. Decals are removable and don't leave any marks or stains, so they are perfect for decorating your dorm room walls, kids bedrooms, rental apartments or even the office. And party decorating is a breeze with instant decorations that also double as a very cool gift!

Home Decor Wall Decals Home Decor Wall Decals
Decorate your house with modern home decor decals that can be easily changed with your mood. They are the new modern fashion for wall art, because they are quick, easy and cheap.
Kids Wall Decals Kids Wall Decals
Brighten a childs day with lifesize kids wall decals of their favourite characters that won’t ruin their walls. These wall decals for kids rooms are removable and reusable, so make the perfect bedroom decor.
Nursery Wall Decals Nursery Wall Decals
Baby nursery wall decals and stickers create a happy creative environment for your child. Beautiful and easy to apply designs make decorating fun and not expensive.
Seasonal Wall Decals Seasonal Wall Decals
Whether it be Christmas, Easter or Halloween, find seasonal removable wall decorations. Since they are non permanent and cheaper compared to other decor, they make the perfect party decoration.
Sports Decals by Team Sports Decals by Team
Searching for removable wall decals by team name? Every team from the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, College and University are included to help you choose between a life size player Fathead decal, or a team logo sticker or mascot or mural graphic!
Sports Wall Decals Sports Wall Decals
Show everyone where your loyalty lies with life size wall graphics of your favourite sporting stars or teams.

Kids just love to have their favorite characters up on their walls to admire each day and night. If you are having trouble deciding what theme to decorate your son or daughters bedroom with, here are some top ideas that they are sure to love:

  • Princess Tiana wall stickers and other Princess wall decor are the hottest items for girls bedrooms, along with the possibly last Disney Princess movie for some time, Rapunzel Tangled wall decals. Which girl wouldn't dream of having her bedroom transformed intoa magical enchanted paradise. Since wall decals are removable and reusable, they basically cling to any smooth wall surface, it makes decorating for children a breeze. Next year when they decide they want a different theme, there is no heartache in changing a fixed design!
  • All the other range of Disney wall stickers, are also hugely in demand and are a sure bet for your kids. Many of these characters they know and love from the Disney Junior cable channel. Ever popular is Mickey Mouse along with Minnie Mouse for the girls.
  • Disney Cars 2 wall decals, will be the hottest new item this 2011, with the release of the new movie. However all the other original Disney World of Cars wall stickers will still be hot property, featuring favorites such as Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally and all the gang from Radiator Springs.
  • Other popular Disney favorites also include Toy Story, featuring the stars main characters like Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Decals and coordinating wall paper are also available.
  • Winnie the Pooh decals are a popular choice for the nursery, as well are Disney Fairies and other Tinkerbell wall decals. New comers like Phineas and Ferb, and retro favorites like the Muppets and the Lion King also make great themes for decorating a child's bedroom with their favorite movie or television characters.
  • The gorgeous range of mirror wall decals and removable chalk wall decals are also another great why to decorate a child's bedroom, without any characters. Many parents prefer to choose non branded wall decor. Other non branded or non licenced designs include monogram wall decals and other personalized wall decals where the child can see their name in a great design on their walls. Flower wall decals, including designs for poppies, gerberas, roses, tulips and more are a gorgeous way to decorate a girls bedroom along with butterflies and fairies, which always make our top list of products.

The Nickelodeon TV Channel, also produce many much loved cartoon characters, which are hits with children from all parts of the world.

  • Some of the popular wall clings include: Dora wall decals and her faithful cousin Diego who can start their own new adventure on your bedroom walls. Spongebob is a super cool way to decorate a room and brighten it up, as is the loveable Chinese Ni Hao Kai Lan character. Yo Gabba Gabba wall decals are also a hit for the rocking toddlers, as they are so large and bright.

For girls, their favorites, apart from those listed above, consist of:

  • Hello Kitty wall stickers. There are a great range of these wall graphics available to suit all different budgets and styles. So many pink kitty cats and castles that your daughter will think she is dreaming!
  • Next most popular would be the cupcake wall stickers and then the Peace Sign wall clings which are all the rage at the moment with both young and older teenagers.
  • And no list for girls would ever be complete, witout our much adored Barbie wall stickers which come with a coordinating set of wall borders and wall paper too.

Boys, on the other hand aren't into pink and princesses, but all things mean, green and loud!

  • Sci Fi classics like Star Wars and Star Trek are continuosly popular, given the new Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon series which keeps the magic of the galaxy battles alive.
  • Other popular choices which don't exactly look pretty, but the boys all rave about them, are dinosaurs wall stickers. Not something I want on my walls, but then I am not a boy! Monster Trucks and Transformers come a close second and third, being the most sort after way to turn a boring boys bedroom, into a kingdom fit for a prince!
  • Superhero wall stickers are also a popular choice and the main characters like Spiderman, Batman and Superman have been around for generations, but their popularity never falters, even with the technological minded young boys of today's generation.

For decorating the nursery with wall decals, popular choices include these range of removable wall stickers. Since your babies won't be babies for long, having the added bonus of these nursery wall decor pieces be removable and reusable, means when your child goes from teddy bears and farm animals, to Ben 10 and Firetrucks, the redesign will be a piece of cake!

  • Jungle wall decals don't have to be as ferocious as you think! These cute baby animal designs are the most popular choice for a nursery, for boys or girls.
  • Growth Charts have also come along from when I was a child, these removable styles come in lots of styles to suit the desires of both parent and child.
  • Sesame Street wall stickers are another popular choice, with all the favorite characters of Elmo, Bird Bird Abby Cadabby and Bert and Ernie, making a nursery into an explosion of color.
  • Also common in nurserys around the world, are alphabet wall decals. Not only a great decoration, but educational while they are playing and sleeping!

And lets not forget mom and dad, who also have many needs for home decor decals to create a unique living space, or to decorate the office and games rooms with a type of adornment that isn't permanent!

  • For the boys, long gone are the framed sports posters, torn around the edges, of their favorite players. Now life size sports wall decals, bring a whole new dimension to the man cave. All the players, logos and mascots from all the sports teams like the NFL, NBA, MLB and others, can be brought live into your living room.
  • And what would mom choose to decorate the house with? Vinyl wall quotes are an easy choice, because your favorite saying, poem or verse can be stuck to the walls of the kitchen or bedroom, bringing daily inspiration.
  • For creating a new an interesting decor theme for the living room, you can't go past these elegant bamboo wall decals. The Eiffel tower also makes a regular appearance on our best sellers list, as does a Chandelier wall decal and the great range of Add Heres wall decals, which come in a collection, big enough and varied enough to appease any discerning taste.